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Exotic pets

  Looking for a first time pet other than a dog or cat?  Exotic pets are a lot of fun. You have a lot of choices.  First, accept that any pet will require some level of care.  Before making an impulsive decision, understand the level of care, lifespan and diet / environmental requirements for that […]

Toxic foods for Dogs

Toxic ‘human’ food for Dogs We all know what it’s like to glance down from the dinner table and see our four-legged best friend staring back at us. Who can resist those big puppy-dog eyes? Could a little treat off your dinner plate really harm your dog?     There are actually many toxic  foods […]

Dogs that eat too fast (how to slow them down)

Dogs that eat too fast. This can be a source of frustration for owners. At one time or another, perhaps you have owned a dog that eats too fast. This is not a rare problem and seems to be more common in terriers and some sporting breeds, as well as in dogs housed in large numbers. Instead […]

House Training for Puppies

House training? How hard can it be? You’ve just acquired your new puppy and the fun begins! House training can definitely be a stressful time so here are some tips to help achieve success. It can be a good idea to set aside time off work when you bring your new puppy home, to allow […]

Senior Felines- Living With an Older Cat

As our senior felines age, we sometimes forget that they require more care and understanding than when they were younger. They also usually need more medical monitoring and attention as well. When our senior feline companions get older, their ability to see and hear may start to decline, their mobility decreases and they can develop […]

Dental disease. Does your pet have stinky breath?

Dental disease? Does your pet have smelly breath?  If so, there is likely dental disease lurking.  Reluctance to chew, decreased appetite, redness of gums, discolored teeth, and bad breath likely means your pet is in need of a dental cleaning and possibly surgery.  Sadly, 85% of pets have periodontal disease by 3 years of age.  Because […]

Euthanasia: Advice from a Bradford Veterinarian

I think it is fair to say that everyone, even those who truly love their jobs, have aspects of it that they do not derive pleasure from. One of the things that I find most challenging in my profession is euthanizing an animal friend.  I think it is what turns many away from veterinary medicine […]

Cats That Scratch – Alternatives to Declawing

Cats That Scratch – Alternatives to Declawing We first hand how cats that scratch can lead to problems such as aggressive play and ruined furniture.  This purpose of this article is to offer alternative to declawing. You may have heard me tell of my faithful cat Max and how she came into my life.  I […]

How to Choose Pet Food

    Chosing a pet food can be a positively overwhelming experience.  Here are some tips to guide you along the way.  And remember, your veterinarian is a really good source of information.  He or she would be happy to offer some advice and help you with your dog or cat food choices. What’s on […]

Pet Food

People are passionate about what they feed their pets.  And, of course the manufacturer knows it! Check out the advertising- really does your cat know the difference between fish shaped kibble and square shaped kibble? As a Bradford veterinarian, I understand how confused my clients are about the vast wealth of pet food information, or misinformation […]