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Welcome to our Cat (Feline) hub dedicated to the care and treatment of cats. Featured in this section is tips for cat owners on how to keep your cat/kitten healthy and happy.

When you bring your feline family member to Hollland Street Vet we take the time to treat them as a member of your family and a valued client.

Reading for Cat Owners

Our new Pet Blog is a great resource for information about pets. We like to add things monthly so be sure to check back for new topics and feel free to send us an email if you would like to share something with us.

Cat Services

At Holland Street Veterinary Services we offer both traditional and alternative forms of veretinarymedicine for your cat.


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Cat Tip #1


Caring for your cat's fur

Featured Client

Coca and Cola are ready for the holidays. Both enjoy almost any type of hard kibble. Coca loves to play, while Cola enjoys eating and sleeping more than anything else. Both cats have very unique personalities and we treasure them.

– Regular yearly checkups along with our preventative care program will keep Coca and Cola up to date to ensure their good health.