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Pet Blog

Adopting a Pet

Spring is a time of the year, when many people think of adopting a pet.  Pets are a lifetime commitment though and the decision to adopt a pet should not be made on a whim.  Puppies are a lot of work- especially in the first year.  It is a full time job.  They must go out every […]

Crate training for your dog

  Crate training has been a hot topic of discussion over the years. Thankfully there aren’t many people that I’ve come across that balk at the thought of crate training their dog. It is a useful tool for the safety and protection of your pet and your home! Crate training is not a cruel and unusual punishment as some have […]

Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats

So your pet is shaking his head and scratching at his ears.  Could he have ear mites?  It is a good possibility.  Ear mites are tiny parasites that live mostly inside the ear canal. They are quite common, and can cause severe irritation and itchiness of the ears. Cause Ear mites primarily live in the […]

Pet Insurance

  When Tucker was 8 weeks old my husband and I decided to get pet insurance due to him being a German Shepherd and at a higher risk for hip dysplasia.  Boy, am I ever happy we decided to get insurance.  In Tucker’s first 3 years the insurance company paid more to us than we […]

KCS in dogs?

KCS or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca is also known as “Dry Eye”  is a painful condition caused by the inadequate production of tears. While tears are essential to the comfort of the eyes, they do much more than just provide lubrication. They contain anti-bacterial proteins, sugars, salts, oils, water, and oxygen; all of which provide nourishment to the eyes. […]

Urinary Problems in Cats

    Urinary problems in cats can lead to frustration among owners as the cat begins to use inappropriate places as a toilet. Sadly, this is also the reason many cats are relinquished to shelters or euthanised. Your veterinary team understands this frustration. There are steps that you can take to bring harmony back to the home you […]

Dental disease. Does your pet have stinky breath?

Dental disease? Does your pet have smelly breath?  If so, there is likely dental disease lurking.  Reluctance to chew, decreased appetite, redness of gums, discolored teeth, and bad breath likely means your pet is in need of a dental cleaning and possibly surgery.  Sadly, 85% of pets have periodontal disease by 3 years of age.  Because […]

Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Avoiding Common Hazards: By Loren Harrington We all know how busy the holiday season can be. I would like to give you a few helpful tips in order to make sure your pet friends stay safe over the holiday season and not end up in an emergency hospital. Ribbon & Tinsel There is just something […]