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Pet Blog

Preparing your pet for the new baby

Congratulations you just found out that a new baby is on the way.  Your life will change and so will the life of your pet.  Taking the months before the baby is born to prepare your pet goes a long way in making the transition easy for everyone. Animal behaviorists suggest that you first find […]

Euthanasia: Advice from a Bradford Veterinarian

I think it is fair to say that everyone, even those who truly love their jobs, have aspects of it that they do not derive pleasure from. One of the things that I find most challenging in my profession is euthanizing an animal friend.  I think it is what turns many away from veterinary medicine […]

CPR for Your Pet

Canine CPR   What exactly does this mean? CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) preserves brain function until proper blood circulation and breathing can be restored. Artificial respiration is a technique used in first aid to manually get air flow in and out of the lungs so that a patient in respiratory distress can get adequate oxygen delivered […]

Getting a new pet?

Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs

  When Dr. Michelle asked me to volunteer a blog topic, I immediately chose separation anxiety in dogs, having had first hand experience with my Tucker.  Yup! That’s my wall that I have fixed 3 times.  Yet Tucker insists on destroying it every time we leave him alone. I must admit that is the only destruction […]

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Puppy Proofing Your House and House Proofing Your Puppy: Tips from Holland Street Veterinary Services We all know that at some point in our lives we need to ‘kid proof’ our house.  But what about ‘puppy proofing’ our house when we get our adorable puppy home? Puppies are full of energy and cannot always control […]

Intestinal Parasites in Pets

Intestinal Parasites in Pets – Holland Street Veterinary Services Few people are aware that approximately 70 species or groups of species can be found in family pets (dogs and cats) Most parasites are extremely prolific. A single roundworm (toxicara), can lay 200,000 eggs in a single day and to make matters worse, many eggs are […]

Dog need a muzzle?

“Sorry but we need to get a muzzle for your dog”.  Right away you think, I have a bad dog, or don’t muzzle my baby she is the most gentle dog in the world how could you? I just want to set a few minds at ease when it comes to muzzling your dog or […]