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Cats That Scratch – Alternatives to Declawing

Cats That Scratch – Alternatives to Declawing We first hand how cats that scratch can lead to problems such as aggressive play and ruined furniture.  This purpose of this article is to offer alternative to declawing. You may have heard me tell of my faithful cat Max and how she came into my life.  I […]

Motion Sickness in Dogs

Motion Sickness in Dogs For anyone who has ever had a dog vomit on a car ride, you know that motion sickness in dogs is real.  It can make even the shortest of trips with your pet stressful for you and your dog.  Fortunately, there are things to do make car rides more enjoyable for […]

Pet Microchip Information

Is your pet microchipped? In the event that your pet accidently escapes or runs away, what kind of identification do they have? At Holland Street Vet, we include a microchip at no additional charge for all of our spays and neuters!. A microchip is an identifying integrated circuit that uses passive Frequency Identification Technology. The […]

Tips on protecting your pet from sunburn

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about making sure that while we enjoy the hot summer weather, we also need to keep our pets happy and cool!  We also need to let you know the best ways to reduce sun exposure and sunburns in our pets. We all know that we are to […]

How to Choose Pet Food

    Chosing a pet food can be a positively overwhelming experience.  Here are some tips to guide you along the way.  And remember, your veterinarian is a really good source of information.  He or she would be happy to offer some advice and help you with your dog or cat food choices. What’s on […]

Pet First Aid Kit

Hi all. During the Summer months, it is only natural that people flock to the outdoors to enjoy the wide variety of summer activities that we are fortunate for in this country. Canine sports and activities are also in full swing as well. Hopefully we can all include our dogs in most of our extracurricular […]

Digital Radiography

Radiographs allow us to evaluate organs and structures that we would otherwise be unable to see. They allow us to visualize bone and teeth, as well as soft tissues (such as heart and lungs, kidney, liver and gastrointestinal tract and bladder). Xrays (energy) are produced when a high speed electrons hit a metal target. These […]

Pet Food

People are passionate about what they feed their pets.  And, of course the manufacturer knows it! Check out the advertising- really does your cat know the difference between fish shaped kibble and square shaped kibble? As a Bradford veterinarian, I understand how confused my clients are about the vast wealth of pet food information, or misinformation […]