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Fleas Fleas Fleas! Have you ever had a flea problem in your house? Genius creatures they are, from an evolutionary perspective, that is.  Each and every year they rear their ugly heads.   Really the warm weather we have been having these last few days is ideal for them (>9 Celcius).  Once they hatch, they have […]

Acupuncture in pets and the benefits for seniors

More and more people are seeking out alternative treatments such as acupuncture for themselves.  Why not consider acupuncture in pets?  Acupuncture is very well tolerated, animals typically sit quietly, sometimes even falling asleep (as one of our clients says, an “acu-nap”.) Dr. Michelle is a certified veterinary acupuncturist that has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese […]

Bring your cat to the vet!

I find it so sad that the number of cats in Canada far outnumber the number of dogs yet we are much more likely to see dogs at the vet clinic.  I am not sure why this is.  I refuse to believe that it is because people think dogs are more important than cats. Being […]

Veterinary Visits: Most important for senior pets

I have a soft spot for senior pets and enjoy seeing them as much as puppies and kittens.  Seeing the special bond they share with their humans is remarkable.  The purpose of this article is to remind pet owners that veterinary visits for our senior pets are as important, if not more so than puppy/kitten […]