sick dog lying on the bed with a bandage from a first aid kit on his head

Thank goodness my human had a first aid kit at the ready

Hi all. During the Summer months, it is only natural that people flock to the outdoors to enjoy the wide variety of summer activities that we are fortunate for in this country. Canine sports and activities are also in full swing as well. Hopefully we can all include our dogs in most of our extracurricular “human” summer activities. With all this extra fun and time outdoors, there is an increased risk for accidents, or worse, serious injuries. I thought an article on what to include in a easy to prepare a pet first aid kit might be helpful to our clients and patients at Holland Street Vet. I hope you never need an emergency first aid kit for your pet, but it is a good thing to have on hand. If you have any questions about any of these items, please feel free to give us a call at 905-775-4787

Have a safe and happy summer!

First Aid Kit


  • stethoscope (doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to work)
  • forceps or tweezers
  • thermometer
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • hemostats
  • tourniquet ( a proper one with an adjuster in the middle is best but in a pinch a large rubber band  tightened with hemostats or other clamping device will do)
  • syringes

Bandaging Supplies

  • vet wrap (or any cohesive bandaging wrap)
  •  rolls of gauze
  •  gauze squares
  •  bandaging tape (can double as a muzzle if necessary)
  •  Tefel pads
  •  bandages for human use
  •  a few pairs of disposable rubber gloves
  •  tongue depressor can act as a small splint
  • Medications
  • antibacterial ointment (Polysporin will do in a pinch if you don’t have anything else)
  • surgical scrub such as Betadine or some form of antibacterial soap
  •  hydrogen peroxide 3% (for cleansing and to induce vomiting)
  •  alcohol (isopropyl)
  •  Styptic powder (to help clot small wounds)
  •  Immodium
  •  non-buffered aspirin
  •  Benadryl


  •   leash and spare collar
  •   small bowl (to put water and/or your cleaning agents in)
  •   hot/cold pack
  •   muzzle
  •   blanket, to keep the injured warm and can act as a stretcher if large enough
  •   some type of a canine first aid guide
  •   compass (you never know)