Is your pet microchipped? In the event that your pet accidently escapes or runs away, what kind of identification do they have? At Holland Street Vet, we include a microchip at no additional charge for all of our spays and neuters!.

A microchip is an identifying integrated circuit that uses passive Frequency Identification Technology. The chip is placed under the skin of the animal – typically between the shoulder blades and is about the size of a grain of rice. The process is similar to receiving a vaccination through a needle and is relatively painless. Although no anesthesia is required, the needle is fairly large.  Often, we will give an injection of local prior to implanting the chip just to help make the process more comfortable for the animal. Even though ‘chipping’ can be done in a regular office visit; many people opt to have it performed at the time of elective surgery such as a spay or neuter. The chip remains in the place for the animal’s lifetime, as a permanent form of identification.

An enrollment form is completed with the chip ID, owner’s
information, alternate emergency contact information, pet name and description,
and veterinary clinic. This form is then sent to the microchip registry
database. When an animal goes missing, the registry can be informed to put the
animal on alert as being missing or stolen. Authorities, veterinarians and
animal shelters routinely scan strays with a microchip reader.  If the animal is found to have a chip, the registry is contacted and the owner’s information is retrieved from the

Collars and tags can break and fall off, and tattoos are often illegible. The microchip is the only permanent form of pet available today. The chip can also often be seen on an x-ray.

radiographs of a microchip in a cat

Here is a radiograph of a microchip implanted in the neck of a cat

At Holland Street  Vet,  we realize the heartbreak of having a loved one missing and the importance a microchip can play in a successful safe reunion of pets and families. We want to help provide that safety net and peace of mind for pet owners  so we are offering a special incentive for getting pets ‘chipped’.

Call Holland Street Vet at 905-775-4787 for more information.

I know all too well the peace of mind this simple small device can bring. I hope that none of our clients ever have to go through what I did when my boy was gone. It was the worst ten days of my life. “Get your pets microchipped”!