I have a soft spot for senior pets and enjoy seeing them as much as puppies and kittens.  Seeing the special bond they share with their humans is remarkable.  The purpose of this article is to remind pet owners that veterinary visits for our senior pets are as important, if not more so than puppy/kitten examinations.

Time flies, I hear this everyday. These words ring truer still since I have become a mom. In fact, it seems like yesterday our Maya (a Doberman, Dane, Mastiff pup) was just six weeks old. Unfortunately I lost my precious Maya in 2015 at 9 years old.

drmichellelovingaseniorpet What seems sad to me though is when I identify disease in a senior pet and the reply I get from owner is: ”he’s old doc.” This could be in a 10 year old miniature poodle who could live another 4 years. That’s a considerable amount of time. My reply to that comment is usually: “old age is not a disease.”

Senior pets are living longer and longer. It is our responsibility to make sure that we provide them with as much comfort as possible during these golden years. After all, have they not provided us with years of unconditional love and comfort?

Simple things such as good nutrition, exercise and semiannual physical examinations are key. Old age does not preclude treatment, surgery or anesthesia. Please remember to ask your veterinarian what you can do to enhance your senior loved ones’ quality of life. I bet there is lots you may not have thought about!

Time flies and life is short. Enjoy each and every day.

Talk soon,

Dr. Michelle Landry