Growing up I always loved German Shepherds.  It was an obvious choice for me when I became old enough to have my own dog.  Highly trainable, willing to please, a protector, and of course handsome looks. Although Tucker fits in to our family perfectly, I still wish I had done more research on the breed.  The considerable amount of exercise and the separation anxiety were hard traits to get adjusted too.

Below is a dog breed selector on Discovery.  Little quizzes like this can narrow down what breeds are most likely to fit your lifestyle.


Some people want to choose a dog but have no idea what breed they would like.  Research is the key to finding that perfect match.  Many dogs end up in shelters each year because they didn’t fit the owner’s lifestyle.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Large, medium or small breed?

2. Do you like being outside?  Are you willing to exercise your dog a couple of hours every day?  Will your dog be going places with you? Or would you prefer a dog that doesn’t require a lot of activity?

3.  Low maintenance, or are you willing to groom weekly?

4.  A big protector that will bark at every noise (aka Tucker)?  Or one that is quiet? Remember small breeds can be just as protective as large breeds.

5. Do you live in an apartment, house, or farm?

6. Do you want a dog that follows you everywhere?  Enjoys being picked up?

7. Do you have children and need a breed that is receptive to children climbing, poking, and pulling on them?

Ask yourself these questions and research breeds that you are interested in.  Perhaps find other owners that own that specific breed and ask questions. 

A dog is a long term commitment, and finding that perfect companion can give you many years of happiness and memories J